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Development status: New development
Information status: Updated
Repository: http://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-ds/code/DeviceClasses/CounterTimer/DigitalDelayGenerator

Class Description

This device controls a T560 Digital Delay Generator :
  • four TTL-level pulse outputs, each programmable for delay and width up to 10 seconds each, with 10-picosecond resolution.
  • Programmable-level trigger input with divide/burst features and trigger enable GATE input.

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Controlled via a RS232 serial interface or a 10/100-mbps Ethernet interface.

NOTE : - RS232 config : 38400, 8, N, 1 - ETHERNET port : 2000

Families: CounterTimer

Key words: Instrumentation

Platform: All Platforms

Language: Cpp




Manufacturer: Highland Technology



Bus: Ethernet

Class interface


Name Description
activateChannelDScalar: DevBoolean
pulseWidthChannelDScalar: DevDouble
pulseDelayChannelDScalar: DevDouble
activateChannelCScalar: DevBoolean
pulseWidthChannelCScalar: DevDouble
pulseDelayChannelCScalar: DevDouble
activateChannelBScalar: DevBoolean
pulseWidthChannelBScalar: DevDouble
pulseDelayChannelBScalar: DevDouble
activateChannelAScalar: DevBoolean
pulseWidthChannelAScalar: DevDouble
pulseDelayChannelAScalar: DevDouble
shotsCounterScalar: DevULong


Name Description
RecallModuleConfigurationInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Reapply the previous module configuration. No need to do a reset.
SaveModuleConfigurationInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Save the T560 module configuration in its intrenal flash memory. This configuartion is applied after a reset.
ResetShotsInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Reset shot counter.
ClearErrorsInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Clear error flag.
HardwareResetInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Performs a hardware reset/restart of the T560 (equivalent to a power off/on cycle. NOTE : the reset takes about 4 seconds, after which the T560 will respond with the following string "Highland Thechnology T560 DDG " The last-saved setup will be installed.
StatusInput: DevVoid
Output: DevString
This command gets the device status (stored in its device_status data member) and returns it to the caller.
StateInput: DevVoid
Output: State
This command gets the device state (stored in its device_state data member) and returns it to the caller.



Name Description
CommunicationProxyDevString Name of the device which controls the communication link. This module support both RS232 and Ethernet interfaces.

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The device class has been updated.
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The device class has been updated.
You can see previous version here .

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