C is supported for clients written in old style C (like SPEC). The C binding does  not support all features of TANGO. Clients are encouraged to use the C++ api if they need access to all features of TANGO.

  • C language
    • A minimal client binding for the good old C language
    • Release 3.0.2 including features of Tango 8 but no events
    • Source code distribution

Matlab & Octave


Igor Pro


The Panorama binding is available thanks to CEA

  • Release 1.2 for Tango 7.2.1 and Panorama E2 4.0 SP1 (or above)
  • Runs on Windows 32 and 64 bits.
  • Binary and source distribution for Windows 32 and 64 bits. This distribution consists of an ISO file of the full source and binary CD distribution. You can use this iso file to burn a CD or to initialize a USB memory stick (using for example  isotousb). In this distribution, you will find:
    • A windows installer
    • Documentation (in French)
    • Tango 7.2.1
    • A set of libraries allowing a Panorama E2 application to control Tango device(s)
    • A binary application (TangoExplorer) which automatically generates a Panorama E2 application from all available Tango devices.