1st Tango Kernel Webinar

Created by Reynald

You would like to learn more about the Tango internals and to know how to contribute to Tango kernel projects? Now is your chance to hear directly from the kernel developers - Reynald, Michal and Thomas.

The first Tango Kernel webinar took place on Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at 9:00 am CET (8:00 am UTC) and was dedicated to cppTango, the Tango C++ library. The duration was about 90 minutes.

The 1st Kernel webinar covered the following topics:

1. Introduction
2. cppTango repository overview
3. cppTango dependencies
4. How to compile cppTango?
5. How to run the tests?
6. How to add a new test?
7. Architecture overview
8. Practical example: Code navigation. What happens when an attribute is read?
9. Questions

It was a traditional Zoom meeting (limited to 100 participants) so participants could interact with the speakers and ask questions directly.

Before the meeting, participants were invited to clone the cppTango git repository and to try to compile cppTango on their own, following the documentation present on the github repository.

This meeting has been recorded and will be soon available on tango-controls youtube channel.

Icon Slides presented by Reynald - PowerPoint version (8.7 MB) Icon Slides presented by Reynald -pdf version (3.2 MB) Icon First Tango Kernel Webinar Zoom Chat History (4.2 KB)
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