JTango has made it into maven central

Created by Ingvord

Good news everyone!

JTango has finally made it into maven central:

Special thanks to Reynald Bourtembourg! He has made a considerable input to the process.

There is a few things to note though:

JTango artifact type is now pom as it is a meta artifact that aggregates all the JTango related dependencies. So define it as follows in your pom.xml:




Tango Controls bintray repository for JTango has been changed from maven to jtango (link) as it was not possible to sync old repo with maven central

jtango-maven-archetype has been upgraded to 1.4 to use maven central. Use

$> mvn archetype:generate -U \
           -DarchetypeGroupId=org.tango-controls \
           -DarchetypeArtifactId=jtango-maven-archetype \

to force update.

JTango fat jar is now deployed to a dedicated repo:

Stay tuned:

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