ICALEPCS 2017 Tango Workshop



This workshop gave a general overview of the TANGO control system framework and its different aspects including latest developments.

The following general topics were covered:

  • General overview of Tango concepts
  • Latest developments
  • New features in tools
  • PyTango and ITango
  • RestApi & Cloud

The TANGO virtual machine was used to demonstrate the following:

  • Designing a simple TANGO device server, developing the code, debugging and deploying it
  • Configuring properties, attribute properties, events, polling, archiving
  • Accessing it from generic clients.ATK, JDraw, Taurus, ITango, RestApi

The detailed workshop program plus presentations are available online here : https://indico.esrf.fr/indico/event/10/

Participants followed instructions on how to install the TANGO Virtual Machine on their own laptop so they could follow the practical examples during the workshop.

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