New release of Sardana 2.2.0 (Jan17)

Created by zreszela

The new Sardana release 2.2.0 (corresponding to the Jan17 milestone) is  now available to download from PyPI (source and windows installer):

To install from source, download the tarball, untar and run:

% python install

The documentation is available at:

The main improvements since sardana 2.1.0 (aka Jul16) are:

- Added possibility to store data of 1D channels in SPEC files (#360)
- Changed implementation from distutils to setuptools (#368)
- Fixed disable/enable experimental channels in measurement group (#367)
- Fixed Pseudo counters based on 0D channels (#370)
- Fixed spock with IPython > 5 (#371)
- Fixed Tango device server scripts on Windows (#350)
- Removed sardanaeditor widget support to taurus < 4 & spyder < 3 (sardanaeditor will become functional from taurus release corresponding to milestone Jan17) (#354)

For a detailed list of changes, see the CHANGELOG:

You can also get the full log of commits, from your local git repo with:

% git log 2.1.0..2.2.0

If you encounter problems installing or running this release, please report them back to the sardana mailing list:

or put a ticket in the sardana project:

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