New Release Of Sardana 2.1.0

Created by zreszela

The new Sardana release 2.1.0 is now available to download from PyPI:

To install from source, download the tarball, untar and run:

    % python install

The documentation is available at:

The main improvements since Sardana 2.0.0 (aka Jan16) are:

  • Make Sardana compatible with Taurus4. Since Taurus4 introduces some backwards incompatibilities (
  • Sardana implements a compatibility layer in order to support Taurus v3 and v4. Taurus4 deprecation warnings are present. (#452)
  • Add itango dependency to make Sardana compatible with the latest PyTango 9.2.0. Sardana CLI client (spock) has been adapted. (#487)
  • Re-introduce a possibility to decode repeat parameters for macros that use only one repeat parameter, located at the end of the definition, from a flat list parameters - grouping is not necessary. (#491)
  • Add an optional block output of the scan records in spock - the new records can be printed on top of the previous ones. (#492)
  • Fix sporadic "already involved in operation" errors in the scans when using 0D experimental channels. (#104)
  • Improve the sequencer behavior. (#483, #485)
  • Improve the documentation. (#489, #490, #491)
  • Solve other bugs (#499, #493, #488, #485, #484, #483, #482, #478, #418, #405)                                                                

For a detailed list of solved issues, see:

You can also get the full log of commits, from your local git repo with:

    % git log 2.0.0..2.1.0

If you encounter problems installing or running this release, please report them back to the sardana mailing list:

or put a ticket in the Sardana project:

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