New Release Of Taurus 3.7.0 (Jan16)

Created by zreszela

The new Taurus release 3.7.0 (corresponding to the Jan16 milestone) is 
now available to download from PyPI  (source and windows installer):

To install using pip, run:

    pip install taurus --egg

To install from source, download the tar.gz from pypi, untar and run:
    python install 

The documentation is available at:

The main improvements since taurus 3.6.0 (aka Jul15) are:
    - Added support for sqlite DB in Tango (ticket #148)
    - Fixed many usability bugs in TaurusTrend2D and other
      guiqwt-based widgets (#238, #240, #244, #247, #251, #258)
    - Fixed issues with "export to ASCII" feature of plots
    - Fixed issues with PLY optimization (#262)
    - "taurus-polling-period" argument works for evaluation
      attributes now too (#249)
    - many other bugs fixed
For a detailed list of solved issues, see:
or, for a full log of commits, run (in your git repo):

      git log 3.6.0..3.7.0

If you encounter problems installing or running this release, please
report them back to the taurus mailing list:

or put a ticket in the taurus project:

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