29th Tango Collaboration Meeting

Solaris (Krakow, Poland)

The meeting web page is now released:

The slides of the presentations are now available online:

Status (chairman: Alain Buteau)

  • The SKA project (pdf) by Cristina Knapic
  • ELI ALPS status (pdf) by Lajos Fulop
  • SZEGED University (pdf) by Peter Hegedus
  • Max IV status (pdf) by Darren Spruce
  • INAF (pdf) by Cristina Knapic
  • Tango@HZG  (pdf) by Igor Khokhriakov
  • Apollon project status (pdf) by Jean-Luc Paillard
  • Solaris news (pdf) by Piotr Goryl

Kernel news (chairman: Lajos Fulop)

  • Kernel News (pdf) by Pascal Verdier
  • Java server (pdf) by Gwen Abeillé

Archiving systems (chairman: Claudio Scafuri)

  • HDB/TDB/Snap Update (pdf) by Alain Buteau
  • Anka archiving system (pdf) by David Haas
  • HDB++ status report (pdf) by Lorenzo Pivetta
  • HDB++: High availability with Cassandra (pdf) by Reynald Bourtembourg

Cooperation with industry (chairman: Andy Gotz)

  • From manipulator control software to Tango Edition (pdf) by Mariusz Czarnecki
  • Public procurements considerations (pdf) by Piotr Goryl
  • Tango from the control system integrator's perspective (pdf) by Igor Dolinsek
  • TANGO Device Servers in Libera instruments (pdf) by Elvis Janezic
  • Sardana - A python based software package for building scientific SCADA applications (pdf) by Zbigniew Reszela
  • The Tango quality improves' (Unit Test, Python Documentation, …) (pdf) by Vincent Michel
  • Tango static database : bugs and design issues (pdf) by Gwen Abeillé

Tango Web/Mobile Technologies (chairman: Łukasz Żytniak)

  • mobile Tango Software Development Kit 1.0.1 (pdf) by Igor Khokhriakov
  • Mobile and Web Tango at Solaris (pdf) by Łukasz Mitka

EC report (pdf) by Jean-Michel Chaize

New developments (chairman: Darren Spruce)

  • Tango Integration of Modern 2D Detectors (pdf) by Yuelong Yu
  • GeoSynoptic Panel (pdf) by Łukasz Dudek
  • A Structured Approach to Control System GUI Design for the Solaris Light Source (pdf) by Vid Juvan
  • Development of the continuous scans in Sardana (pdf) by Zbigniew Reszela
  • Taurus Status (pdf) by Carlos Pascual
  • Beam threading (pdf) by Wojtek Kitka
  • Roadmap (pdf) by Andy Götz
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