TANGO Workshop @ PCaPAC 2014

Kongreszentrum (Karlsruhe)


A TANGO workshop was held at the PCaPAC 2014 conference in Karlsruhe. The workshop introduced TANGO, explained the communication patterns in detail, It presented the device class guidelines and the TANGO ecosystem. The workshop was organised by TANGO Controls experts from the ESRFSoleil and Software Schneiderei. Here are the slides from the presentations:

  • Introduction to TANGO (pdf) by Mihael Koep (Software Schneinederei)
  • TANGO Communication Patterns (pdf) by Jens Meyer (ESRF)
  • Best practices for Device Server developers  (pdf) by Alain Buteau (SOLEIL)
  • TANGO Ecosystem (pdf) by Andy Götz (ESRF)
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