28th TANGO Collaboration Meeting


             19-20 MAY @ ESRF

The 28th TANGO collaboration Meeting was held at ESRF on 19 and 20 May 2014 -
65 participants from 26 different institutions from all over Europe.

The slides presented during this meeting are available below in the order of presentation of the agenda:

Session 1 : Status

  • Alba status update (pdf) by David Fernandez (ALBA Synchrotron Light Facility, Spain)
  • The Morpho project at ONERA (pdf) by Romain Cavalier (ONERA, Toulouse France)
  • Max IV Control System Status, (pdf) by Vincent Hardion (University of Lund, Sweeden)
  • Solaris (pdf), by Piotr Goryl (National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS Poland )
  • ELI-ALPS status (pdf), by Sandor Brockhauser (ELI-HU Szeged Hungary)

Session 2 : Status/Data Management

  • Tango at University of Szeged (pdf), by Peter Hegedus (University of Szeged, Hungary)
  • Tango@HZG (pdf), by Igor Khokriakhov (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany)
  • Hdb News (pdf), by Raphael Girardot (Synchrotron Soleil, France)
  • Hdb++ status (pdf), by Lorenzo Pivetta (Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy)
  • Databrowser application (pdf) by Katy Saintain (Synchrotron Soleil, France)

Session 3 : Kernel

  • PyTango news (pdf), by Tiago Coutinho (ESRF, France)
  • Kernel: Tango 9 (pdf), by Emmanuel Taurel (ESRF, France)
  • TangoLib Upgrade (pdf), by Claudio Scafuri (Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy)

Session 4 : Collaboration

  • Collaboration: reminder on good practices (pdf), by Alain Buteau (Synchrotron Soleil, France)
  • The story of (re) using existing servers (pdf), by Jens Krüger (FRM2,Germany)
  • Gravit Project summary (pdf), by Jean Michel Chaize (ESRF, France)
  • Tango consortium (pdf), by Andy Götz (ESRF, France)
  • H2020 Tango (pdf), by Lajos Fülöp (ELI-HU Szeged Hungary)

Executive Committee meeting report (pdf), by Jean Michel Chaize (ESRF, France)

Session 5 : High level tools / GUI
  • WebTangORB (SOLEIL) (pdf), by Raphaël Girardot (Synchrotron Soleil, France)
  • MatLab: Tango Object Layer (pdf), by Laurent Farvacque (ESRF, France)
  • Using the DROOL expert system for Control System diagnostic (pdf), by Majid Ounsy (Synchrotron Soleil, France)
  • Sardana and Taurus status (pdf), by Zbigniew Reszela and Carlos Pascual (ALBA Synchrotron Light Facility, Spain)

Session 6 : Take Shelter : Alarm

  • Panic, the Alba alarm system (pdf),  by Sergi Rubio (ALBA Synchrotron Light Facility, Spain)
  • Alarm tools (SOLEIL) (pdf), by Katy Saintain (Synchrotron Soleil, France)
  • Tango2Epics Gateway (pdf), Tadej Humar (Cosylab, Slovenia)
  • Tango to OPC-UA Gateway (pdf), by Sébastien Gara (Nexeya, France)
  • ALBA FOFB soft real time (pdf),  by Jairo Moldes (ALBA Synchrotron Light Facility, Spain)
  • Piezo hexapode on beamlines (pdf), by Cyril Guilloud (ESRF, France)
  • SNMP device server (pdf), by Emmanuel Taurel (ESRF, France)
  • Pogo Packaging (pdf), by Pascal Verdier (ESRF, France)
  • Tango Scilab binding (pdf), by Andy Götz (ESRF, France)
The Tango Collaboration meeting was followed by a SARDANA Meeting.
Information on this meeting is available here


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