JIVE and Astor do not start after Visual Studio 2022 installation.

Dear community,

i was happy to do first steps with Tango Controls, but my happiness did not last long… I downloaded LabVIEW bindings sources, installed Virtual Studio 2022 and restarted the machine. When I try to start Jive or Astor, I see in Taskmanager that in each case an OpenJDK Platform Librarary Process is started, but the GUI of the programs does not appear….

Any ideas?

System is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Tango 9.2.2, MySQL 8.0.6
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OK, the problem was caused by Microsoft OpenJDK Build with Hotspot v.17(?).
After uninstalling this and installing the Oracle JDK the Jiva and Astor can be started again.

My Java knowledge is very rudimänter, and I do not know how much the Java derivatives differ from each other.
But wouldn't it be strategically better due to Oracle licence policy if Tango would work with OpenJDK?

Jive and Astor are already working with OpenJDK. At SOLEIL, we use OpenJDK 8 (https://adoptopenjdk.net/) on Linux.
Do you have any logs or errors messages that can point out the issue? Can you try launching Jive/Astor into a console?
Hello Gwen,

nice to hear about this.

I have tried starting Jive and Astor both via Windows Start menu and batch files. With Microsoft OpenJDK the graphical interface did not appear. There were no error messages, not even in the console. If Jive and Astro create log files, where can I find them?
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