Hello everyone,
I have a problem with library in Jdraw app.
I'm have been trying set up path to library in enviromental variable like this:
and then I added LIBPATH C:\Users\a\Desktop\Synoptyka
and then I added to file start-jdraw.bat
start javaw -DTANGO_HOST=%TANGO_HOST% fr.esrf.tangoatk.widget.util.jdraw.JDrawEditorFrame -DLIBPATH=$LIBPATH

but i received error, cannot load -DLIBPATH=$LIBPATH.
Does anyone know how to do this?

I please you help
Hi Dariusz,

I think the java is treating -DLIBPATH=$LIBPATH as a command line argument to be passed JDrawEditorFrame. To define environment variables you need to put them before the packaged name and probably change $ to %..%. Try this:
start javaw -DTANGO_HOST=%TANGO_HOST% -DLIBPATH=%LIBPATH% fr.esrf.tangoatk.widget.util.jdraw.JDrawEditorFrame

All the best,
Edited 7 months ago
Hello Piotr,
it was this problem. Thanky you very much. I'm novice and i try build simple scada based on PLC as device server.
Do you have experience with taurus framework and Jdraw ?
Have a nice day
Hello Dariusz,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I and my colleagues (even more) from S2Innovation have broad experience with the Tango framework and its tools. I see you are from Poland. I will try to reach you via your company webpage contacts but please do not hesitate to contact me at: piotr.goryl@s2innovation.com . We will be happy to collaborate with you.

All the best,
Edited 6 months ago
Thank you Piotr.
I just sent an email to you
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