installation TANGO windows

i'm new with tango,
I followed the video set to install tango under windows but in the end when I try to run the tools astor for example. I have the error attached.
and before when I run on cmd start-db.bat i have error also. some one can help me please.
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I do not know exactly what is in your video but here are a few key points:

Prior launching DatabaseDS, you shall have a running SQL server (MySQL, mariaDB…) which shall be configured with a specific username and password.

Once installed, you shall use the dbconfig.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\tango\bin to store previously set database username and password. Be aware that this will create system variable with these information in clear.

Then this database shall be initialized if you do not have any existing database. Do do so, a script file is kindly provided :

C:\Program Files (x86)\tango\share\tango\db\create_db.bat

And, at the very end, you shall ensure that the system variable TANGO_HOST exist on your computer (in your case its value shall be "" without quotes)

Then, your DatabaseDS.exe shall be running fine.
Guillaume DI FRANCO
Thales - Software engineer
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the video is the one that is put here,
I have defined the environment variables as well as the username and the password but I always have an error (attached) when I run "" start-db.bat"".

So, I tried this other stuff.
for 3.5 Start the test device server tangotest: When I type start-tangotest.bat 1 -v4, I have this :
c:\tango-root\bin>start-tangotest.bat 1 -v4
Can't build connection to TANGO database server, exiting

before that for ""create_db.bat"" I encountered an error (attached).
so I launched directly the script sql and I run it, i don't know if it's right.
and why the value of system variable are """
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Hi, I have answered there:

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