Hi there,

I know that most of you use Linux based systems but, for those who use Windows like us, I'd like to get feedback from you about antivirus software use (type of software, beahvior, advice …)

Our last feedback when we first tried Tango with our own antivirus (McAfee if I recall) was pretty bad as our devices were randomly impacted and our computers' CPUs were struggling to sustain the load. Then, our systems were made as closed network with very narrow attack angle available.
But our customers that purchased our systems are more and more eager to connect it to their own network despite the risks that anyone on the network may, through any existing loophole, access and control anything on that system. We warned our customers about the risks , however they seems pretty confident in there IT dept., even if their IT guys seems only be worried about the installation of an antivirus software.
And now I have been asked if such software I've never use (SOPHOS) would be OK. Then, before doing an investigation on a commercial software that my company has no license , I wanted to ask your opinion.

Thank you.
Guillaume DI FRANCO
Thales - Software engineer