Hi Pascal,

yes, this might be a way. At the moment I am just playing around to find out, how much effort is needed to get things running.

But I am wondering, how large facilities set up things without TAC and at the same do not run into problems, e.g. due to some inexperienced user hitting/clicking the wrong button that vents the storage ring
(okay, I am exaggerating a little bit, smile ).

To make my intention more precise (and abusing the thread …). smile

- We are going to install a camera on an electron microscope which comes with a Tango Control interface.
- We want to run certain measurements where it is necessary to control the microscope and the camera in concert.
- However, we are wondering whether Tango might be also useful for controlling other microscopes as we developing protocols that combine the data from several machines but from the very same sample spot.
- In addition, as far as I understood, there are also Tango devices which can help with (meta) data storage(?). This is an important issue, too.
- there is expertise in devices control at my place (Helmholtz Center Berlin), but the colleagues at BESSY are using EPICS.smile

Perhaps you, or the others can suggest a straighter way to get things running.

Thanks again and best wishes