patch for compiling tango-9.2.2 on ubuntu 16.04 / mysql-5.7

the standard tango-9.2.2 uses the thread-safe mysql library libmysqlclient_r;
this library is not available with mysql-5.7 in ubuntu 16.04. You can use the standard libmysql. In order to do this I modified ac_path_mysqlclient.m4 and then re-built the configure script with the boostrap command.

The patch is in the attachment.
Testing of tango-9.2.2 on ubuntu 16.04 is under way.
Hi Claudio,

Thank's very much for your patch and your other remark about MySQl 5.7
This will obviously be included for next release.


Hi all,

in case anyone is interested - I've made precompiled packages for Ubuntu 16.04:

You can install it with dpkg or apt-get - pretty useful if you are doing some sort of automated deployments.

Dependencies won't be pulled automatically, you have to install: libmysqlclient20, libomniorb4-1, libzmq5 and libcos4-1.

There are no init scripts, post-install triggers and automagic database configuration - for db setup use sql scripts from source tarball and export following env variables: TANGO_HOST, MYSQL_HOST, MYSQL_DATABASE, MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_PASSWORD.

Michal Liszcz
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