I have installed Tango 9.5 and Lima in an Ubuntu 20.04. VM with Mamba
(lima-camera-basler 1.10.9 lima-camera-basler-tango 1.10.10 0 lima-core 1.9.15 lima-tango-server 1.9.20)

When I try to start a device server for Scout sc640, I get the error message:

(tango) alex@ubuntu2004:~$ LimaCCDs 1
basler camera_id: ip://
7fd3888a4180 *Camera*Basler::BaslerInterface::Interface (/opt/conda/conda-bld/lima-camera-basler_1694769296685/work/src/BaslerInterface.cpp:41)-Always: force_video_mode=0
7fd3888a4180 *Camera*Basler::Camera::getLatTimeRange (/opt/conda/conda-bld/lima-camera-basler_1694769296685/work/src/BaslerCamera.cpp:1037)-Error: Exception(Error): Node is not available.
——-> Received a DevFailed exception: DevFailed[
desc = limacore.Exception: Hardware: getLatTimeRange(/opt/conda/conda-bld/lima-camera-basler_1694769296685/work/src/BaslerCamera.cpp, 1037): Error: Node is not available.

The Basler Device Server works fine with a Basler acA640-100gm in the same IP subnet.

The installation on a PC with Ubuntu 22.04. shows exactly the same behavior.

Does anyone else have problems with Scout cameras? Pylon SDK seems to be V.6.3.