Device Server gets stuck - then works as expected

Hi all,

I am currently developing a TangoDS using PyTango on a Raspi that runs with tango 9.25

tango-common/stable,now 9.2.5a+dfsg1-2 all  [Installiert,automatisch]
tango-starter/stable,now 9.2.5a+dfsg1-2 armhf [installiert]
tango-test/stable,now 9.2.5a+dfsg1-2 armhf [installiert]

I encounter a strange behaviour whenever I start the PyTango DS or even the TangoTest DS:
The DS starts with no error messages and then simply gets stuck.
Then after some undefined time, something like a few minutes, I do get the message
Ready to accept request

and everything works as expected. I can then restart the DS as often as I like and everything is fine. Only after a reboot, the same situation as before sets in again.
When I kill the DS during it hangs, I get the message:
Tango is not initialised !!!

The weired thing is, that I can connect to the TangoDB with PyTango from the Raspi while the local DS hangs. The TANGO_HOST is defined and pingable. So running a Tango Client is okay, just running the DS is not.

I fear that this might be somehow related to my network but I have no clue how I should proceed with the debugging.

Many thanks in advance for any help/suggestions

Hi dschick,

I noticed a similar behaviour when using PyTango 9.3.1 with Tango C++ 9.3.2 on my laptop when I had both my Ethernet and Wireless network interfaces enabled.
If I disabled the wireless interface Tango server starts without a problem.

Could you confirm if this is your case?
Thanks in advance
Thanks for the quick reply,

actually I also tried a few things with the different network interface.
I think it was working better with only the Wifi but not with only the lan.

However, I think I found the solution, which is not at all related to TANGO.
I just noticed, that also the VNC server of the PI was not working, exactly for the same time as the TANGO DS.

Some googling helped to find this post:

So it was a very Raspian specific problem, however, maybe it helps someone else to save some time and nerves.
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