Collaboration: Building Ubuntu packages of latest releases


At SKA SA we have some interest in building Ubuntu packages of the latest tango releases, at least for the currently supported LTS releases. We have corresponded with Frederic Picca who maintains the official debian packages. He indicated that colleagues from DESY are also working on Ubuntu packages, so this is really a call for anyone interested in building Ubuntu pkages to collaborate.

We would like to use a common debian source repository for building both the debian and ubuntu packages, and to make use of the automated PPA building infrastructure on launchpad (if possible) to regularly build the ubuntu packges, not only for released versions but also for "daily" builds from source.

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Sign me in.

I can help with packaging Java tools/devices. Plus I am interested in getting experience with native stuff like cmake…
Hi Ingvord

For More info on the Tango 9 git-buildpackage for long term supported (LTS) ubuntu versions at SKA SA.

The launchpad details.
User: Team LMC
PPA : ppa:lmc-cam-ska/tango
Luanchpad id: lmc-cam-ska

Thank you

We also have a git repository hosted on launchpad, no? It is based on Frederic Picca's official Debian package. We would eventually like to maintain the ubuntu builds as a branch in Frederic's git repository. Frederic has shared a git repo for the Java packaging:

We also plan to work on packaging a tango 9 build of pytango, using the pytango9 branch from the pytango git repository.

Javas, I also see that "Team LMC" was created as a user on launchpad. We should rather create an actual team and use individual launchpad accounts going forward. Then we can invite others to collaborate.

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