Unable to add a remote DS in LogViewer


My work environment is as follows: a computer A on which Tango is installed with the Tango Host role and a computer B with the Tango Device Server role.

I work with Tango 9.3.4 under Debian 10.

Everything works fine on computer A, I have create a new device server (DS) running on computer B and observe the different attributes and execute commands using jive.

I have a problem with logviewer (on computer A) that does not want to add the DS. I get the following error in the GUI (A = tango-gre.iram.fr, Meteo/alarm runs on B).

Severity: ERROR
Origin: DeviceImpl::add_logging_target
Description: Could not connect to log consumer tmp/log/tango-gre.iram.fr@54
Reason: API_ConnectionFailed
Severity: PANIC
Origin: Connection.command_inout()
Description: Cannot execute command AddLoggingTarget on dserver/Meteo/alarm

On the same computer I can run the whole thing (monitoring and device server), including the logviewer.

Any help to solve this problem is welcome.
The problem is solved. There were restrictions on the ports accessible between machines A and B!
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