Dear Tango users,

We are deploying TANGO to control and monitor our telescope, but we would like to improve also other sides of our operations.

How do you address
  • the management of the maintenance?
  • the tracking of the technical modifications?

Basically I would like to know
  • Which methods and which software do you use to track hardware modification?
  • Does these software are interfaced with TANGO ?

Example of information what we would like to track
  • the gearboxes of X has been oiled on 2022-06-10T08:20:31+00:00
  • the gearboxes of X must be checked again in 6 months
  • the power supply of device X has been replaced on 2022-06-10T08:20:31+00:00
I am also interested to know methods and software that do not work well enough to operate a large scientific facility.


Sebastien BLANCHET
Edited 2 weeks ago