static starter name when using docker

Dear Tango Community,

I start my Tango System inside a docker container. I use the tango-cs image from gitlab. I noticed that the starter device server has a generic name like ca3bdc6ac263. I noticed further that this generic name is different every time I run docker-compose down and docker-compose up. On a native Tango installation, the starter device server name has to be the name of the machine it is running on e.g. desktop-tj356. I understand that this is not the case with docker since it is sort of a virtual machine. However, I want to define the StartDsPath property so that the starter can manage other device servers. Because the starter instance is different on every startup, I can not set StartDsPath permanently.

So my question: How can I keep the same name of the starter device server after running docker-compose up.
Alternatively: How can I define the starter StartDsPath property automatically after running docker-compose up for the new starter device server?

Hi Dominik,

The generic name corresponds to the hostname. So if you know the hostname of your docker container, you can guess the Starter device name and if you know the device name, you can update the StartDsPath.

Hoping this helps a bit,
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Hi Reynald,

Thanks for the swift response.
Now that you told me, it seems obvious that the starter name is the container ID.
This helps me to investigate further.

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