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Hi All,

Many of you may know that at SKA we have adopted the SEI Views and Beyond approach for developing, documenting and evaluating software architectures. Adopting this approach has helped us understand the relationship between system qualities and the architectural design, and this further helps us focus on what is good architecture and what is and what isn't architecture.

Anyway, the reason for this was to point out that there is an SEI remote training course on 21-24 September for this which a new SKA Architect will be attending, and if anyone else is interested in doing the course it would be good to have people with common cause also attend it. If enough people are interested we could think about setting up a dedicated course (or get it held in a reasonable time-zone) but with the summer holidays it is unlikely that we will be able to do it sooner.

So, if you are interested, sign up and let me know

Nick Rees
Some people asked for more information so I put together some links:

The course I was referring to was:

There is another 4 day one focussing on documentation as well:
The good thing about SEI is that they have a number of books and stuff on their website.

The book links are to Amazon, but other suppliers are available… The main book is on O’Reilly, if you have a subscription.

One thing to note is that a lot of this material is quite old. That is OK, because architectural principles don’t change. However, the architecture itself does change as the field evolves. Much of today’s world relies on evolutionary architectures (basically because modifiability is a key quality attribute), so this Thoughtworks book is good: (also available on O’Reilly), and the thicker version by the same authors is here:

I hope this helps.
Nick Rees
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