reading tango version of a server

From Astor/Stater it is possible to get the tango library version of servers.
How can it be done in client program?
Hi Claudio

In java API the code is quite simple: on a DeviceProxy on admin device a method getTangoVersion() exists.
In C++ it seems that the same method exists named get_tango_lib_version()

It is easy since Tango 9.
The command ZmqEventSubscriptionChange on admin device, with "info" as input argument, returns a DevVarLongStringArray.
In long array[0], you can find the library number multiplied by 100 (i.e. 933 for Tango-9.3.3)

Before Tango 9, it is more tricky. It is mix between IDL and if commands are implemented or not.

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