PyAlarm and mail problem.

I try to use Panic and PyAlarm and it is able to detect alarms but when it try to send a mail, there's thie error:"mail: invalid option – 'S'
Try 'mail –help' or 'mail –usage' for more information.
I am trying with tangoBox and I have installed mailutils to send mails.
How can I resolve it?
which package should I use to send mails?
I think you need to add a property "MailDashRoption" set to True, for PyAlarm devices.
I have encountered the same issue when deploying PANIC for Solaris, and this solved it. Some (all?) Linux 'mail' distributions does not support -S option.

All the best, Piotr
Thanks, but it was already true :'(
I solved the problem.
I have installed s-nails and ssmtp instead mailutils.
I have configured ssmtp with a gmail account.
It works
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