Problems with cumbia-Qtcontrols in Qtdesigner

Hi Giacomo
Thanks, finally, I already have the elements of qtcontrols in designer.
Just one last thing, to connect a widget with tango, the format that i have to use for an attribute or command, what is it?
I have this error. (for an attribute i have a diferent error)

Is it with this format? (I tried it without the instace too)
For Attribute:
For Command:

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Hi Diego,

I don't know Cumbia but since I'm quite familiar with the way things are usually named in Tango, I guess you could try what I suggest below.
The way I interpret the message from the tooltip in your screenshot is that "tango/device/server" in the tooltip given examples is just an example of a Tango device name.
So in your use case, I suppose you should just use "exSki/lift/0->Reset" if you want to execute the Reset command on exSki/lift/0 device.

Hoping this helps.
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Exactly, Reynald.

Some examples follow

read the attribute double_scalar from device sys/tg_test/1:


Impart a command, for example through a QuButton:

sys/tg_test/1->SwitchStates (button target)

with an argument

sys/tg_test/1->DevDouble(1.0) (button target)

with an argument taken from another widget in the application, with object name doubleSpinBox:

sys/tg_test/1->DevDouble(&ui->doubleSpinBox) (button target)

object QLineEdit, name lineEdit:

sys/tg_test/1->DevDouble(&ui->lineEdit) (button target)

Write double_scalar from doubleSpinBox:
sys/tg_test/1/double_scalar(&ui->doubleSpinBox) (button target)
Then you can read also device, attribute, class properties. To learn the syntax to use on a Qt Application, try

> cumbia read

from the command line, and read thoroughly the help page.

Kindest regards
Ok, now I understand it, thanks.

Kind regards,

Please provide feedback and impressions.

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