Polka - web-based Astor

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to announce that S2Innovation started working on a new tool called Polka (Polka is a dance and genre of dance music originating in nineteenth-century Bohemia). It’s a web-based application with similar functionalities to well-know Astor. Our team is proud to use TangoGQL as backend and promote the idea of Zero Code-Waste.

Polka supports most of the essential Astor functionalities, but we’re still working hard to make it even better. If you ever felt that Astor doesn't cover your needs, and you want some additional functionalities, let me know!

Small teaser of current state of Polka

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Thanks for the initiative. That's very interesting and promising. Moving Astor and Jive to the web is definitively a coherent approach.

Just a remark, the proposed implementation will change the game for TangoGQL. It would become the de facto standard in terms Tango backend. That's a strong commitment, and it would require some kind of validation at the community level.
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Very nice initiative! I would be interested to have a demo as soon as you think it is ready to show.
I agree with Nicolas' comment. Will TangoQL be distributed together with Polka?
Thanks for these words!

We decided to use TangoGQL from Taranta project, because it's actively supported and already deployed at some production environments (so there wouldn't be a need to deploy another service). Taranta can be considered as web-based Jive, so it made sense to build Polka with the same backend.

The goal is to make Polka ready for the next Tango Meeting and present it there (so stay tuned :) ).

Way of distribution of Polka wasn’t decided yet, but I’m sure that we’ll closely collaborate with TangoGQL project in the future.
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