Not able to access REST API at ESRF

Hi Tango dancers! and Happy 2020!

I was recently trying the REST API and I found in the documentation:
a mention about the ESRF REST API. Is it supposed to work?

I'm trying:

curl -u "tango-cs:tango"

and I get HTTP Status 401 – Unauthorized

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While when testing it on my REST server instance I get:

curl -u "tango-cs:tango" http://localhost:10001/tango/rest

Hi Zibi,

Since Jan'19 ESRF REST is integrated with ESRF LDAP. You need to provide ESRF LDAP credentials to access REST.

Your local installation uses plain authentication hence built-in credentials (tango-cs|tango) work.

More on authentication can be found here:

Documentation needs to be updated indeed.

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