Issues with Tango Host DNS Alias and HDB++

Hi all,

In our new beamlines we are using DNS alias to redirect the tango host
to a virtual machine. Time ago we discovered that it caused problems to
Astor and made a bug report regarding that.

The actual issue is that we have found that HDB++ is also affected, and
no events at all are being inserted in the database when DNS alias is used.

I would like to know if any of you is also using DNS alias and if you
have experienced similar problems (and if you know about some workaround).

Many thanks,

Sergi Rubio

ALBA Synchrotron
Keep on dancing,
Hi Sergi,

this sounds suspiciously like issue #315 in cppTango and has been fixed in #430 since May 2018 in 9.3.0 (LTS). It is on the way to being fixed in JTango (see issue #89).

Which version of Tango are you using? I suggest you upgrade to a version >= 9.3.0 or at least try it to see if it fixes your problem. Both client and server (HDB++ subscribers) need to be upgraded.

Hope that helps

Edited 2 months ago
Thanks for your hint Andy!

You were right, I assumed that the system was running the latest Tango but the event subscribers were running on a VM that was not updated

Merci beaucoup!
Keep on dancing,
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