Hello dear all,

I managed to install "libhdbpp-mysql" and "libhdbpp-timescale" on two different virtual machines (Debian 11).
Now, we need to install both on a single server (Debian 11).
However, there is a problem : as stated in the "libhdbpp-timescale/doc/build.md" file : "libhdbpp - Header from the hdb++ library loading chain (Modified version of original project. This will be pushed back to the original repository in time)".
So, these two libraries use the "libhdbpp" library. But "libhdbpp-timescale" and "libhdbpp-mysql" uses a different version.
Therefore, I have four different files :
- libhdb++.so (used by "libhdb++mysql.so"),
- libhdb++mysql.so
on the first virtual machine. And :

- libhdb++.so (used by "libhdb++timescale.so"),
- libhdb++timescale.so
on the second virtual machine.

Now, I need to make this work on a single machine : please, do you know if there is a right way to do this ?

Best regards, Olivier Neveu