groups in astor

we would like to gather devices in groups to start and stop them.

One solution would be to script that, but we would prefer to find a way which is more easy to use for operators, i.e. they should be able to create group themselves.

Astor defines 5 levels, which allows to start and stop all devices in a level. This is however a bypass and is only possible for 5 groups.
However, Astor is not mandatory, and another tool could do it.

If you have encountered this use case, how do you solve it?

- Philippe
Hi Philippe,

maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but a working solution nonetheless:
You can nest Starters, i.e. have the main Starter on your server (controlled e.g. by systemd) control several Starter processes, which in turn start a number of device servers.

I have seen this work in a live system. You can then either StartAll/StopAll or just Stop/Kill/Restart the specific Starter.

Would that suit your needs?

Best, Lenny
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