Data types not retrieved by HDB++ Viewer

Hello all,

During the HDB++ Viewer testing with the attributes (with various data types) from TangoTest device, we observed that the attributes of TANGO datatypes DevEnum and DevULong64 are not supported by HDB++ Viewer. We have used jhdbviewer-1.15 for testing. Below is the list of the data types not retrieved by HDB++ Viwer:

Hdb++ data type : tango_data_type
  • scalar_devulong64_ro : 24
  • scalar_devulong64_rw : 24
  • array_devulong64_ro : 24
  • array_devulong64_rw : 24
  • scalar_devenum_ro : 29
  • scalar_devenum_rw : 29
  • array_devenum_ro : 29
  • array_devenum_rw : 29

Are these data types supported in the latest releases of HDB++ Viewer or is there any plan for the same?
Edited 2 months ago

Thanks for the feedback, indeed these 2 datatypes are not supported as of yet, and there is no plan to add support in the near future.
Which backend did you use for the hdb+ database ? Some backends have limited (none) support, for enum at least. Nevertheless we could make it work. It should be relatively straightforward for ulong64, but might be trickier for enums.

If you're interested in pushing this feature forward, you can maybe fill an issue on github (, it will be easier for us to follow the progress on this.

Hi Damien,

Thanks for your response. The above observation was with MariaDB as a backend for the HDB++ database. Currently, we are evaluating the HDB++ toolset for the prototype implementation.

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