Cross-compile Tango for a host aarch64 linux

Hi,I´m user of Ubuntu 18.04 and I have the following issue:

I'm not sure if it's necessary to install cppTango for cross-compiling Tango. I have previously cross-compiled omniORB=4.2.3 and ZMQ=4.3.4. For TANGO, I have followed these steps:

1.Download Tango source code:
$ wget
$ tar -xzvf tango-9.3.4.tar.gz
$ cd TangoSourceDistribution-9.3.4/
2.Create a build directory and navigate to it:
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
3 Configure Tango for cross-compiling using the appropriate compilers and PATH to omniORB and ZMQ:
$ ../configure CC=~/buildroot-os-config/output/buildroot-2019.02.9/output/host/usr/bin/aarch64-SEVENSOLS-linux-gnu-gcc CXX=~/buildroot-os-config/output/buildroot-2019.02.9/output/host/usr/bin/aarch64-SEVENSOLS-linux-gnu-g++ –build=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu –host=arm-unknown-linux-gnu –prefix=/usr/local –with-omni=/usr/local –with-zmq=/usr/local
4 Build Tango [image of error message]
$ make
I have installed tango-idl, but the error persists. These are the steps I followed:
1 Download tango-idl source code:
$ wget
$ tar -xzvf tango-idl-5.1.0.tar.gz
$ cd tango-idl-5.1.0
2 Create a build directory:
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
3 Use CMake to build and install tango-idl:
$ cmake ..
$ sudo make install
I tried to copy /usr/local/tango.idl to /lib/idl/tango.idl, but encountered an error when I ran "make" again.

Thanks in advance
Edited 5 months ago
I can't say why it failed, but if you need to stick with 9.3.x (LTS version) please use the latest, i.e. 9.3.6,

You can also give 9.4.2-rc1 a shot which uses cmake as build system. We should have a tangosourcedistribution release ready on monday.
Or you can just use
The build scripts work perfectly fine here on macOS (x86_64 & aarch64), Linux (Ubuntu x86_64, Gentoo aarch64 & arm)

Whatever you use to build the code, please note: There is a bug in omniORB on aarch64 that wrongly swaps words in DevDouble attributes and thus results in wrong values. This has been fixed in omniORB, but there has not been a release with the fix yet.
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