communication between Siemens PLC and Tango

Hi all,

We are using a Siemens ET200SP PLC with a CPU 1510SP .

This PLC will be integrated into a control environment using Tango.

I would like to know if anyone in the Tango community has already developed a Device Server doing the communication with this type of PLC ?

The Siemens standard protocol is Profinet.

Thanks for reply.


Do you really require Profinet communication or Modbus would suffice? There is indeed already a modbus device developped by the community ( and ModbusPLC device ( exist. The first one have been tested on Siemens PLC at our side and was proven functional.
Guillaume DI FRANCO
Thales - Software Engineer Manager
I am going to look this way.
Thanks a lot for reply.
If you prefer Python over Cpp for the Tango Device Server, I can share some code.
We have done some communication there with pymodbus to read and write bits in a PILZ PLC via Modbus from a linux PC.
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