Checking if the servers are running at least twice.

I got a message in astor control that the servers are running at least twice.
I wonder how to fix it, because when checking information about tango starter, each server is run only once.
I checked the attribute servers in tango/admin/ and everyone appeared only once. The same for tango database.
Apart for that the servers are working properly, I can restart them.
I tried to remove them and add them to the database again but it didn't help.

Any suggestions how to fix it, what to check?

Astor version: 7.3.5
Tango version: 9.3.3
I think the Starter is somehow looking at the current list of processes on the host and detected at least 2 processes started with a command similar to the one used to start your device server.

Let's take the TangoTest/test instance as example.
If you start it with astor and you start another instance of TangoTest/test but using a different value for the TANGO_HOST environment variable, in this use case, for instance, Astor will show the warning you are seeing (this is a current limitation of this feature).

You probably have another process started with the same binary name as your device server (might be a different executable) and using your device server instance name as parameter.

If I were you, I would try to list all the running processes and see whether there is another one running with the same binary name and using the same instance name as parameter.
Then I would look at the environment variables used by these processes to see whether they are using the same TANGO_HOST.
On Linux:
strings /proc/<replace_with_pid>/environ

This feature is present in Astor because there is a small risk in Tango to start twice the same device server instance.
There is a potential race condition which could occur at device server startup that could lead to a situation where the same device server is started twice.
Astor is showing a warning to help you detect occurrences of such problem but is sometimes reporting some false alerts.

Hoping this helps a bit.
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Thanks for the answer!

Unfortunately I do not see the another process running with the same binary name as my device server.
I searched with 'htop' or 'ps'.
I tried to turn off my server in astor, and checked the process list, but I also found nothing.
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