Any RETEX on Tango system communicating with EPICS system

Hi everyone,
In a near future, we may have to interface one of our Laser system that uses Tango with another system (made by the final client) which is based on EPICS. The EPICS system requires data from the Tango system (scalar, spectrum and images from different devices). As I do not know much about EPICS, I quickly checked what may be available over the net (and the tango community) to sense if there was an obvious solution or if it required a custom development.

To my knowledge, there is a Tango device that is meant to be used as a kind of gateway between the TANGO world and EPICS; Tango2Epics (Tango2Epics Manual)
As far as I understand what is written there, it seems more like a gateway that allows data to go from EPICS to Tango, but not the other way.
Tango2Epics manual mentions the existence of a TangoCA device (Tango Channel Access) which may be used to have a transfer from Tango to EPICS but, also as far as I read about it, it seems also to be a one way link from EPICS to TANGO (TangoCA documentation).

Here is my questions:
  • Do I miss something on the EPICS world that may allow the use of any of the two above devices to allow EPICS to get data from Tango?
  • Do you have any kind of feedback of the use of TANGO and EPICS altogether?
  • The two devices above do not uses the image type and I was wondering if EPICS was able to manage this kind of data.

Thank you for your suggestions and time.

Best regards
Guillaume DI FRANCO
Thales - Software Engineer Manager
Hi Guillaume,

It seems we have an EPICS-Tango bridge at S2Innovation, you ask for. It is a channel access server that maps Tango attributes and commands to EPICS PVs.

You may find it here: for evaluation.

Please note it is not free software at this moment. However, we will be happy to make it open-source when we have our costs covered.

Since I can't see your email, please contact me at smile

All the best,
The other way would be to use Magix from Waltz-Controls' Piazza project: GitHub which is specifically designed to combine several endpoints like Tango, EPICS, GUIs etc in a single seamless reactive system.

The software is OpenSource and free. However the project is in early development stage. So contributions are very welcome smile
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