Access to the tangobox from outside


I have a windows machine on which I installed Tango and a tangobox 9.2 (VirtualBox)
I would like to use Tango clients on my machine with the tangobox server.
I managed to configure so that the machine communicates with the tangobox (ping, astor ..).
The problem is that I can't access the Starter and Device Servers which are in the docker containers :(
(Screenshot attached).

I also tried with another linux machine, made a local network with the container IPs (, modified the /etc/hosts file in a container … maybe an authorization problem …
I am not an expert in docker …

Is it possible ? If so, does anyone have an idea? Thank you
I think you can refer to this section of the documentation to start and stop the docker containers on the TangoBox:

The docker containers might not be started?

docker start tangobox-com should do the trick to start tangobox-com docker container.
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the docker containers are all started in the tangobox.

It is when I am on an external machine that I see them not started, with for example Astor: the leds are red (starter and DS not accessible)

Thank you.
Hi @JCM,

Sorry for the late answer. You need to enable forwarding on the Tangobox:
sudo sysctl net.ipv4.conf.all.forwarding=1
sudo iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT

This should be added to some startup script as it does not stay between restarts.

Remember to use a bridged network on the Virtualbox network settings. See the attached screenshots.

Then the setup needs a proper network configuration with a proper route added to the 2nd machine.

I have tested this with the following IPs provided manually:
IP:, GW:

2nd machine:
IP:, GW:
Manually added route: via

All the best,
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Great, thank you Piotr.
You gave me the solution smile
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