Unresolved symbols when compiling PyTango 9.3.2 with Tango 9.3.3

Hello all,

global context is the atronomy project named ExTra (lead by IPAG CNRS) fully controled with Tango. We are trying to update to version 9.3.3 in order to fix a bug. Therefore we need to update PyTango since all our DS are written with python.

The most recent version of PyTango seems to be 9.3.2 so far. So, compilation is OK but link with Tango 9.3.3 DLL, failed : some static symbols are not resolved. It deals with boot::python, ie C++/Python wrapping. I checked (with dumpbin tool) that these symbols exist into Tango DLL but linker doesn't see them.

Rest of the Config
Win7 x64
MS Visual C 10.0
Python 3.4
boost 1.73 (compiled with option link=shared and runtime-link=shared)

Files enclosed
LOG of link command line, and list of unresolved symbols

Any clue ?
Thank for your help :)
Hi Stephane,

unfortunately the last stable version of PyTango on Windows is 9.3.1. You can install it using pip: pip install pytango==9.3.1. I work on fix for PyTango 9.3.2 on Windows and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Best regards,
Hi Wojtek,

many thanks for your quick reply.

I'll try with 9.3.1, though I couldn't install it straight forward from PIP (errors because of some compiler options not recognized by MSVC10, eg "Wno-unused-variable")

I'll let you know if I have success :)

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