Tango system without network

Posted by Olivier Tache on the mailing list :

I want to install a complete tango system with database on my Raspberry. Without network.
It works perfectly locally (database and servers) but not network cable unplugged.
I check the tango hostname. tango_host=$HOSTNAME (tried also
Mysql server seems to work.

I check also on a Ubuntu setup, with a locally database and servers. Same issue.
Any ideas ?



Hi Oliver,

sounds like an interesting use of Tango without the network …

I have not tried it (yet) but I would check that the hostname is in the /etc/hosts file and that the DNS server is not being used. Try switching of DNS. I would also start the database server with localhost as TANGO_HOST. If you are still stuck then send us the output of "ps aux" or similar command to see how the database server is started.

Reply from Johannes Blume that helped me to find the solution :
"Hi Olivier,
is the interface configured statically, i.e. does the network come up even if no network cable is in ? Or is it set to dhcp ?

The solution is to configure the network interface (not eth0 but lo):
iface lo inet static
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