Tango on Raspberry Pi 2 model B


I am relatively new to the Tango world, the final goal of the application i'm working on is to control remotely Kollmorgen's stepper motors from a low level device server running on Raspberry Pi 2.
The stepper motor is connected to a drive which provides power supply and motor's command control.
My Raspberry Pi 2 will soon be wired (through a 3V3 to 5V converter) to the RS232 drive's interface.
I intalled Tango on my Raspberry Pi 2 without any issue, but the package libtango-java seems to be missing. For the moment every part of the Tango system will be installed on the Raspberry running Ubuntu Trusty 14.04, but in the near futur i would like to implement a more distributed and redundant architecture (MySQL server failover etc…).
I managed to get Pogo and Jive working on the Pi directly from the .jar provided through the download page, but i didn't find any way to get Atkpanel and Astor working in the same way.

If someone could help me with some hints to get atkpanel and astor working i would be really grateful.
If possible i also would like some advices regarding the steps necessary to create a python device server on the Pi.

Thanks in advance.
you can find the .deb for the java part here:

Thank you, i was able to manually install the tools with it.
Hi, is it possible to indicate here what were the commands for installing manually the tools ?
Hi, sorry for the late response.
These are the commands :

sudo apt-get install liblog4j1.2-java ==> for dependencies
sudo dpkg -i ./libtango-java_8.1.2.c-1_all.deb ==> in the repertory of your choice /libtango-java for example

You also need to have installed java jdk in the first place.
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