Tango Installation Architecture Query

I have installed a tango system with tango database on Ubuntu machine (say T1). Tango works perfectly fine locally.

I want to install tango on another Ubuntu machine (say T2).

Tango installation on T2 should use Tango database of T1. In other words, there will be only one tango database (on T1) but two tango systems T1 & T2 will be using/sharing it.

Will Tango support such architecture ?
If Yes, how can we achieve this?
If No, can you suggest a work around to achieve this (One tango database shared among tango systems).

Any ideas ?

Let us know in case you need more detailed explanation for understanding the scenario / the requirement.

Hi TCS-GMRT team,

This scenario is quite common. Just ensure that the TANGO_HOST environment variable of system T2 points to the TANGO database server running on T1, i.e if the hostname of system T1 is Sys1 and the TANGO Database Server is running on port number 10000, then the value of the TANGO_HOST environment variable of system T2 should be Sys1:10000.

Vatsal Trivedi
Edited 4 years ago
perhaps this precision will be useful in specific cases: I noticed recently that hostname should be FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). One can get FQDN with
hostname -f
under GNU/Linux.

It could be useful especially if you have several interfaces, each one using in a different domain.
Of course, hostname can also be an IP in an accessible subnetwork.
- Philippe
Edited 2 years ago
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