syntax of `/etc/tangorc` should be cautious of its effects.

Daemons like tango-db use this file.
In `/etc/init.d/tango-db`, some environment variables are not quoted:

$ sed -n '55p' /etc/init.d/tango-db
if [ $CANON_HOST = "localhost" ]

In some specific cases, it can generate some error like

Feb 27 11:05:48 HOSTNAME tango-db[6455]: /etc/init.d/tango-db: line 55: [: =: unary operator expected

It is the case for example if TANGO_HOST definition in `/etc/tangorc` begins with something else than spaces (if it begins with `export ` command).

documentation explains how to define `TANGO_HOST`.
If you want to export command, beware to not add the export at the begining of the line but after `TANGO_HOST` definition line.
If not, tango-db can fail at startup because not founding.
The good practice is probably to source `/etc/tangorc` when needed and then to export TANGO_HOST (or sourcing it in `~/.bashrc` followed by `export TANGO_HOST`)
- Philippe
Edited 1 year ago