Start the TANGO database

I followed the instructions on "how to install tango on Windows" but it failed on 3-4 Start the TANGO database.
When I type start-db.bat, I have this:
main(): arrived
main(): export DataBase as named servant (name=database)
Ready to accept request

But nothing happened next.

So, I tried this other stuff.
for 3.5 Start the test device server tangotest: When I type start-tangotest.bat 1 -v4, I have this :
c:\tango-root\bin>start-tangotest.bat 1 -v4
Can't build connection to TANGO database server, exiting

And when I type start-jive.bat I have a lot of error like :
Desc -> Connection to database failed !
org.omg.CORBA.TRANSIENT:Retries exceeded, couldn't reconnect to vmcid: 0x0 minor code:0 completed:No
Origin -> connect_to_dbase(myhost,20000)

I don't know why there is this ip (


Have you set the TANGO_HOST environment variable ? Because I see myhost,20000 but, it is not what Tango wants for TANGO_HOST. It must be TANGO_HOST=HostNamesmileortNumber so for example MyTestMachine:20000 .

It must be the machine name like you will see it in windows systems properties..

You have to let the start-db window open, and after try to start the tangotest in another window.

So first, correct your TANGO_HOST environment variable.
Second, let the start-db process run.

Thank you SGara_Nexeya,
for MyTestMachine:20000 MyTestMachine is the name of my computer? and how can I know the port number?

I set TANGO_HOST and run start-db.bat -v4. It is ready to accept request. So I ran another cmd, set the TANGO_HOST and ran start-tangotest.bat 1 -v4. It says :
The device server tangotest/1 is not defined in database. Exiting!
Yes, MyTestMachine must be replaced by your real name machine, but seeing your next error, I think you are close.

The device server tangotest/1 is not defined in database. Exiting!

This error is pretty clear smile In fact, you are trying to execute a device server which has not been declared in the database.

It's because you are following a old tutorial and that in your installation, the tangotest instance that is declared must be "test". So try to launch start-tangotest.bat test -v4.

If it doesn't work, you need to open Jive, and declare the new device servers with Tools–> Server Wizard and follow the instruction that must be :
1 - Device server name : tangotest
2 - Instance name : 1 (or whatever name that can be more "speaking" that just 1)
3 - Click on next. The screen says to launch your device, so open a command and launch your device "start-tangotest.bat" with the correct instance name.
4 - Click on next and follow the instructions to declare a device with a name in 3 parts like this tango/test/my_test_device

Normally, now with jive, right click on your new device and choose "Test device" or "Monitor device" and see the magic.
Indeed, it seems to be an old tutorial.

I ran jive and it seems to work properly.
I have some information like server, device… but I don't know what does it mean.

My goal is to make a embedded server. But the TCP/IP has to be fully operational with Tango control system. I never worked with tango. So, I tried some tutorial on this website but I am not sur to understand how it could be compatible.
So if you have some explaination…

Thank you!
I think a good start will be to look at tango.pdf in the doc folder of your tango installation directory smile

You will surely learn a lot of things and it will help you to clarify your need and the way you want to connect your device with an existing Tango control system (which information you want from your device, the difference between command and attributes, the state machine…smile

This topic was about "Start Tangotest" so maybe you can create another topic with more detailled questions.
thank you SGara_Nexeya smile
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