New Windows Installer?


I just kindly wanted to ask, whether it would be possible to compile a new Windows installer version? I find it quite handy to make the control system accessible from Windows machines as well.

My problem is, that our IT forces Java to be updated to a recent, safe version. Currently they consider this to be OpenJDK 14. I absolutely fail to get the included jar's running on this.

Would be great,
Hi Jan,

we have some parts packaged as windows installers at [1], this is the C++ tango library and its dependencies. We currently don't have an up-to-date everything-in-it Windows installer package.

Regarding java: The latest release 9.3.4 at [2] still requires java 8 and runs only on that. So I'm sorry to hear that IT stands in the way of using that. Java 8 still receives security updates, but unfortunately these are not free [3].


Hi Thomas,

okay, I see. Then there is not much point in building a new installer package. Meanwhile I got it running by installing an OpenJDK 8 manually. I wonder if IT will notice.
Thanks for answering,

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