Looking for tangojava deb package

Hello everybody,
I'm looking for a tango9 java package. SKA people open a discussion to create Tango packages for ubuntu where there is a Fred's recipe to create it.

But, Does anyone did it?

There are several PPA for tango packages but unfortunately the tango9 java package is not there:


Thanks in advance,
Hello Carlos,

For now this package is called tango-nonfree, and is sort of available (9.2.1) here

git clone http://repo.or.cz/tango-nonfree.git

It should be updated in order to integrate tango 9.2.5a

It would be nice if someone could work in order to produce an official debian package for the java part.
By official, I mean something that can be uploaded into Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc…
- packaged all the java dependencies. (jacorb, … ?)
- build from the sources (Debian know about mavan so it should not be too hard to create this sort of package). We need a .tar.gz with all the java sources.

I personnaly do not have the time nor the competencies in order to maintain the tango java stack.

I can just help for the sponsoring, and packaging advices.


Thanks Fred,
At the end, I did it for us (as an "ALBA backport"), I used your package as reference, and I updated the upstream (using 9.2.5a sources).

Me neither have the competences but if anyone need it I can shared it.

Hello, maybe the best solution should be to put the tango-nonfree repository under Debian-pan in order to allow everyone involved into Debian packaging to contribute.

Ubuntu/Debian guyes, what is your opinion ?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Bintray's tango-controls debian repo can be used to provide immediate access to java tools. Since most of them are now mavenized we can use maven to build debian package and deploy it to bintray. There is no requirement to use OpenJDK, tools can be uploaded with JacORB. So minimum efforts are required from both sides: maintainer and end user. End user only needs to alter apt/source.list

The downside is that this is not an official debian repo. So for major releases it would be nice to support the official one.
Hi all,

Do you know if someone had packaged newer tango-java part. The one that we are talking here [1] contains JTango-9.1.2.jar.
We need one where tango-controls/JTango#90 [2] is fixed.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

[1] https://people.debian.org/~picca/libtango-java_9.2.5a-1_all.deb
[2] https://github.com/tango-controls/JTango/issues/90
Hi Zibi,

All Tango java projects have been mavenized since 2016, maybe not all but definitely most of the important ones.

Personally I do not see any good reason for packaging java, especially if we talk about libraries. GUIs are different beasts.

Anyway you can download the latest JTango jars from GitHub - e.g. https://github.com/tango-controls/JTango/releases/tag/9.5.17

And tools from bintray e.g. Astor - https://bintray.com/tango-controls/maven/Astor

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