Jdraw synoptic viewer got killed in Raspbian


I am running jdraw on a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, and am using its built-in synoptic viewer to display my synoptic.

Editing the synoptic in jdraw is fine, but running the viewer often resulted in it suddenly got killed by the OS for no clear reason.

I tried running jdraw from a terminal, and the first run of the viewer is fine, the second one got killed, and this is the output in the terminal:
/usr/bin/jdraw: line 31: 16270 Killed                  /usr/bin/java $APPLI_PACKAGE.$APPLI_MAIN_CLASS $@

I have increased the java heap size in my system to 2.5GB. I am using Open JDK 8, and the java tools are of version 9.2.5a.
What could be the reason?

Edited 2 months ago
Ok, using Task Manager I have made the following observations.

Without jdraw running, total RAM consumed of the entire system is about 890 MB out of 3648MB. With jdraw running it is 925MB.Upon lauching the synoptic viewer (jdraw->Views->Tango Synoptic view) this number climbs to 2050MB. When I closed the viewer and come back to jdraw, this number doesn't go down. So when I launch the viewer again, seems like the system is out of memory. When the process is killed, Task Manager shows a total RAM consumed of about 2300MB.

Only closing jdraw altogether makes the total RAM go back to 890MB.
Edited 2 months ago
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