Installing Tango on Ubuntu from repository

Last time I installed Tango on Ubuntu 20.04 from repository without problems using two commands
sudo apt install mariadb-server
sudo apt install tango-db tango-test
Recently errors were reported during installation on Ubuntu 22.04.
Brief investigation of the problem shows that during installation of tango-db mariadb-server was uninstalled and system occurs without database support.
Attempt to use mysql-server instead of mariadb-server also fails during initialization of Tango database. Initialization script of Tango database is incompatible with musql version 8.
Some workaround of these problems was found in following installation sequence.

# 1. Install tango-db and tango-test first without any database
apt install tango-db tango-test
# 2. Remove mesql-server if it was installed
apt purge mysql-server mysql-client
# 3 Install mariadb-server
apt install mariadb-server mariadb-client
# 4 Reconfigure tango-db installed before
dpkg-reconfigure tango-db
# 5 Test in everything is working
/usr/lib/tango/TangoTest test
# If success
# Console should display “Ready to accept request”