Installation of panorama binding

Hi tangoers,
for information, we recentely tried to install Panorama binding for TANGO 8 on windows 8.1 Pro and we encountered some difficulties.

It seems they should be solved with a new version which was not on the binding page ( on 2015 december, 14th (we actually did not succeed to test it yet).

The supplier gave us access to a new binary version.
The new version is actually on a private FTP and I do not know under which licence it is released.

It could be usefull to give access to this new version to all users so I will inform the supplier of the situation and ask him how to give access to the new version of the binding.

Happy new year.

- Philippe
Hi Philippe,

happy new year to you too! Yes please send us the updated link of the Panaroma bindings so we can update the web page.


Hi, it seems the binding was failing since an exception was launched : a DServer was missing for the ArchivingRoot DS installed into the Tango DB.
I opened another subject to understand the origin of the problem (
- Philippe
Since then, an evolution of the plugin allow it to continue running even if an exception is launched because of the lake of DServer.
- Philippe
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