HDBPP-Configurator hangs during Building Tree

Hi all,

While we wait for bintray replacement, I'm working on trying to get an entire build-from-source working using JARs from s2innovations (thanks guys!). As an output of this exercise, I hope to be able to provide a complete release that gets a user a barebones TangoDB+maria+javatools+pythontools+hdbpp toolchain as that should satisfy nearly 100% of use cases that we work with.

I've managed to get pretty much everything to compile and cleaned up tangosourcedistribution so that gits are mostly submodules. I'm having trouble working with hdbpp.

hdbpp-cm is configured to point towards hdbpp-es. Hdbpp-es is configured and started with no attributes in AttributeList. I've configured hdbpp-configurator to look at hdbpp-cm and all libs are found.

When I run hdbpp-configurator, it appears to hang at Building Tree. I can't seem to find a log file to see what it's puking on.

I've confirmed that the DB can spit out a tree via pytango, so I'm guessing something is misconfigured.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

Forgive me for spam, BUT! I think I have something more systemic going on.

If I launch hdbpp-configurator with the -configure flag, i hang at Building Tree.

If I launch hdbpp-configurator with the -diag flag, I can get into the configurator window from the diag window (?!).


If I launch POGO and point to an xmi project file, it will hang during the project build. If I launch pogo and point to a nonexistent file, it will error, then allow me to use the Open menu to open the project, which then opens fine. Perhaps I have something hosed with the latest ATK version? I'm running ATKPanel 5.9 and ATKCore/ATKWidget 9.3.19. For reference, the last clean tangobox implementation runs ATKPanel 5.8 and ATKCore/ATKWidget 9.3.2.
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